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As previously advertised, today I visited a rather good photography exhibition in Shoreditch Town Hall. It's a free display called London Stories and showcases 7 photographers who I had never heard of, but were all quite good. There are some great pictures of London life, with each photographer looking at a very different aspect. One had concentrated on foggy shots of Hampstead Heath which made it look quite gothic and eerie, while there was the obligatory look at sex workers. (Does every modern exhibition have to have that as part of their motif?) My favourite was a guy called Matt Stuart, who takes really gorgeous pictures of very ordinary people. He takes the kind of pictures that make you want to open your eyes a bit more when wandering to work or to the pub and notice more of the pictorial quality of the commuters of London. I'd suggest going, but only if you're in the area.

After that, to Carluccios for coffee and chatting that was both a dissection of the exhibition and a general conversation about nothing, which is the best kind. Then, to home with some donated goodies of lemon sorbet and Etna olives. Hmm, not a very healthy dinner, but most yummy. Alas, no chocolate ice cream available, so I wasn't able to take [livejournal.com profile] jacquic's recommendation from yesterday!

So, I have relaxed, gone out and read, but the writing? Remains elusive. Grr, choke etc.
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My big choice of the day - which Empire magazine cover to go for? The current issue has an excellent report on the 25th anniversary of Indiana Jones, with three covers to choose from, each one representing the three films of the trilogy. So, was it to be Raiders of the Lost Ark, the classy original with the best plot of the them all? Or The Last Crusade, with the film portraying one of the greatest relationships in cinema? No, of course not - though The Temple of Doom has its flaws, it holds a little soft spot in my heart. I always go for the underdogs, particularly ones with Chinese dance scenes, an inflatable raft surviving a plummet from a plane, Short Round and that bit with the monkey brain. Which one would you pick?

In other news, had a lovely weekend celebrating nuts in Hawkhurst. Thanks to Olivia and Andy for organising, everyone who came up with great games (Rodin's Nuts!), all involved with the new Dr Who classic The Deadly Walnut and everyone for being fun. Yesterday, I slept. A lot.

Today, I've been in Bath for an hour and on trains for 3 hours, with the amazing apple eating man, who munched away for most of the time. Meeting surgeons is fun, the travelling bit less so. Anyone invented a teleporter yet?


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