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So, not only am I going away for a week for castle fun, starting tomorrow, but my boss has just closed the office for the afternoon. For no reason! This means I can go home, pack and probably join Seamus for KX drink later. Hurrah!

Life is sweet.
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Once again, I'll start with my refrain of "Haven't updated for ages, sorry!" Been very busy, work's been manic and I've been away on holiday, to the lovely Channel Island of Alderney. There are pictures here and here.

13 go mad in a castle )

Being away meant that I missed all the chaos in London. As an habitual Piccadilly Line to Russell Square user, this is something I'm quite grateful for. We were quite isolated on the island, with not much mobile reception and the first we heard was when a text came through from Singapore. Took a while to find out that everyone was ok, at which point we breathed a sigh of relief and played some games. There was nothing else we could do. I went out to check my phone a couple of hours later and found loads of text and voice-mail messages. It hadn't occurred to me that people might be worried about where I was. Quite silly, in hindsight. I didn't expect 4 panicked messages from my Mum, as she knew exactly where I was! I guess something like that can cause sensible thoughts to flee from your mind. Thanks to everyone who texted or emailed or called my office (which a few people did).

Coming back on Friday morning was a bit surreal as was getting across to North London from Waterloo. Everyone seemed a little bit on edge. Getting to work and back each day is a bit difficult as the overspill from the Piccadilly line is straining the Victoria line and the overland lines. Last night, the Victoria line train I was on stopped for a moment just outside King's Cross and a woman at the end of my carriage completely freaked out. She was screaming and begging to be let off. Some people nearby calmed her down and she was fine once we set off. Perhaps she was involved on Thursday?

I can understand her reaction. Though the "we are not afraid" attitude is commendable, it's not something I can feel. Of course I'm scared - the security we all felt prior to this has been shattered and it'll take a while before every stop in a tunnel doesn't make the heart beat a bit faster, especially now we know that anyone could be a suicide bomber. But I'm not going to let it stop me from travelling to work, or walk past buses or go to the pub. Recognise that there's a danger and then get on with things, safe in the knowledge that life goes on.

Don't worry - now I've added my tupenny's worth to the thousands of London reactions out there, I'll go back to silly games and minor details.


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