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Oh, busy work week. Note to future self - don't go on holiday the week before a very important Council meeting. Oh well, everything organised now, just about, with dummy trust applications, strategy papers, annual reports, accounts and many other things all in hand for tomorrow. And then I can enjoy the fun of the weekend.

Despite the many hours put in in and out of work, this week hasn't been a complete write-off. On Tuesday, [livejournal.com profile] rickbot and I headed for soothing noodle (Wagamama style) and film fun. We saw Little Miss Sunshine, which is an excellent film. It's very sweet, with realistic characters in farcical situations. At one point, I think they pushed the random events a bit too far, but it soon recovered and despite all signs indicating that the opposite would happen, I walked out very smiley and happy. Basically, it's a film about a dysfunctional family on a road trip. Don't let that put you off though - highly recommended. It's also always good to spend quality time with Rick. The countdown to Legoland begins here.

To bed, in readiness for the whopping 6 hours of meetings I've got tomorrow. Ouch.
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My big choice of the day - which Empire magazine cover to go for? The current issue has an excellent report on the 25th anniversary of Indiana Jones, with three covers to choose from, each one representing the three films of the trilogy. So, was it to be Raiders of the Lost Ark, the classy original with the best plot of the them all? Or The Last Crusade, with the film portraying one of the greatest relationships in cinema? No, of course not - though The Temple of Doom has its flaws, it holds a little soft spot in my heart. I always go for the underdogs, particularly ones with Chinese dance scenes, an inflatable raft surviving a plummet from a plane, Short Round and that bit with the monkey brain. Which one would you pick?

In other news, had a lovely weekend celebrating nuts in Hawkhurst. Thanks to Olivia and Andy for organising, everyone who came up with great games (Rodin's Nuts!), all involved with the new Dr Who classic The Deadly Walnut and everyone for being fun. Yesterday, I slept. A lot.

Today, I've been in Bath for an hour and on trains for 3 hours, with the amazing apple eating man, who munched away for most of the time. Meeting surgeons is fun, the travelling bit less so. Anyone invented a teleporter yet?


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